Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wooohooooo Paranormal Plumes Society Apperance

Woot Woot! Paranormal Plumes Society is gearing up for our first book signing of 2012. We have the pleasure of visiting the wonderful students at Deltona High School on January 30th, and Galaxy Middle School on January 31st, for their "Family Literary Night."
We are honored to have the opportunity to come out and encourage young adults to read. We look forward to many other events throughout the year. As a Plume, we all believe there is nothing greater than helping kids discover the joy of reading.
Both schools have graciously invited us to come and speak with their students about our passion for writing and the process we took to achieve our dreams of becoming authors. Don't forget to grab a raffle ticket at the door for prizes, giveaways and cool goodies. We will be on hand to sign free swag and books that will be for sale at the event. Students will get a dollar discount off of each book they purchase and we will be donating an additional dollar per sale back to the school's reading program. Both events are open to the public and we look forward to seeing you out there.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dark Days Reviews Woooohooooo

My daughter Ashley and I teamed up to give a dual review of Dark Days by the talented writing duo C.A Kunz. We decided to use the review system Ashley uses on her blog Ash Talks Books, we will both list 5 things we loved about Dark Days (which trust me was very easy to do)!! Make sure you take time to leave a comment and you could increase your chances to win a Kindle Fire eeeeeeeeeeep :o)

My 5 Lovely Reasons Why I Think Dark Days Rocked:

1) I loved that the characters are original, engaging and just plain fabulous as far as I'm concerned.

2) I love how C.A Kunz added magic and other folklore to the series, making it even more appealing.

3) I loved the sequence of events throughout the story that ultimately leaves you breathless for the next book in the series.

4) I loved that even though there is romance in the story its not the only element available in the book.

5) I absolutely loved all the illustrations throughout the book and found myself anxiously awaiting each new drawing.

Ashley's 5 Reasons why She Loved Dark Days:

1) With every up-and-down Cat has had to overcome she finds her way and stands up to all obstacles in life.

2) I knew I LOVED Ryan in The Childe but now my love for him grew even more when I read Dark Days and saw how much Cat meant to him.

3) I loved Miss. Amaya and Wedgewick Village. Wedgewick Village is unique with its mysterious and magical aspects.

4) I loved the twist of darkness, mystery and evil that sent chills down my spine from the first page.

5) I loved that even though the ending was a cliffhanger it did not take away from the greatness of the story and is now a favorite of mine.

C.A Kunz has exciting weekly giveaways set up and the grand prize that is a Kindle Fire eeeeeeep.....wait did I already say that earlier. If you leave a comment here the author will post a bonus question once we hit five comments by separate people!!! This question will help you earn 5 extra points toward the Kindle Fire.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Childe Blog Tour

I am sooooooo excited to announce The Childe Blog Tour!!! I am lucky enough to be a part of this tour and I look forward to each cool event these fabulous authors have in store for us. I hope you will join me for this tour and increase your chances of winning the fabulous grand prize (Kindle Fire eeeeeeek)!!!

Blog Tour Schedule

Sunday, Jan. 8thBooks Complete Me (Opening Post: Cover Reveal for Dark Days and Blog Tour Details)

1st Week:
Monday, Jan. 9thA Diary of a Book Addict (Review of The Childe)

Tuesday, Jan. 10th Book Love (A Unique Mother (Tiffany King) and Daughter (Ashlynn King) Review of Dark Days)
Wednesday, Jan. 11thBook Bite Reviews (Author This or That Post) AND Intoxicated by Books (Review of The Childe)

Thursday, Jan. 12thAmethyst Daydreams (Guest Post: Playlist with Book Scenes)

Friday, Jan. 13thMundie Moms (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days) AND Fiktshun (Character interview: Cat Colvin)

2nd Week:
Monday, Jan. 16thReading Away The Days (Character This or That: Ryan Beckford) AND Jowanna Reads (Review of The Childe)

Tuesday, Jan. 17thBlethering Book Worm (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days) AND Reading Lark (Guest Post: Why we write YA paranormal)

Wednesday, Jan. 18thKatelyn Torrey (Sample chapter post from The Childe/Teaser of Dark Days)

Thursday, Jan. 19thBookish Babes (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Friday, Jan. 20thMundie Moms (Guest Post: Cast Our Book) AND Me and Reading (Review of The Childe)

 3rd Week:
Monday, Jan. 23rdMe Myshelf and I (Guest Post: Being A Part of an Indie Group – The Paranormal Plumes) AND Insane About Books (Review of The Childe)

Tuesday, Jan. 24thKatelyn Torrey (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Wednesday, Jan. 25thBlethering Book Worm (Character spotlight: Robert Craven) AND Words 2 Follow (Review of The Childe)

Thursday, Jan. 26thFiktshun (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days) AND All Things Books (Guest Post: Our Writing Method)

Friday, Jan. 27thPage Flipperz (Character This or That: Cat Colvin)

 4th Week:
Monday, Jan. 30thBook Bite Reviews (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Tuesday, Jan. 31stMe and Reading (Teaser Tuesday for Both The Childe and Dark Days) AND Page Flipperz (Review of The Childe)

Wednesday, Feb. 1stReading Lark (Review of The Childe)

Thursday, Feb. 2ndBooks Complete Me (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Friday, Feb. 3rdBookish Babes (Favorite reads: Indie published) AND Jowanna Reads (Guest Post: Author Interview)

 5th Week:
Monday, Feb. 6thAmethyst Daydreams (Review of The Childe) AND Reading Away The Days (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Tuesday, Feb. 7thInsane About Books (Character Interview: Ryan Beckford) AND Books Make Me Happy (Link to Review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Wednesday, Feb. 8thAll Things Books (Link to Review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Thursday, Feb. 9thWords 2 Follow (Our Favorite Reads: Traditionally Published)

Friday, Feb. 10th Forever Lost In My Own World (Link to review of The Childe/Review of Dark Days)

Saturday, Feb. 11th Books Complete Me (Special Post and Last chance to enter Kindle Fire giveaway)